White Papers

In our effort to continue to grow mobile performance marketing we offer insights based on our research and experience. The information contained in these documents is a culmination of years of experience in direct response marketing and a dedicated focus on mobile marketing.

State of Mobile Marketing According to MobAff

Welcome to our first (hopefully of many) State of Mobile Marketing report. If you’re unfamiliar with us, MobAff is a mobile performance network. What this means is we buy mobile inventory across dozens of ad networks, SSPs, and direct publishers for our clients on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis. Our advertisers pick the action they desire (call, app install, lead, etc) and pay only when that action is completed. We take care of optimization of creative, landing pages, targeting, pricing and placements to maintain the CPA for our advertisers.

How to Start Mobile Marketing

If you are new to mobile marketing we suggest our flagship white paper. This is the 3rd version of our original training program that has helped thousands of advertisers learn the basics of mobile. The program is designed to get you running mobile traffic as soon as possible. You will learn how to chose mobile offers, deploy across partners, and optimize to hit your CPA and ROI goals.

 How to Game Ad Networks

If you’re an advertiser working with self serve networks, below are some of the best kept secrets of the trade on how to get massive traffic and beat out your competitors. Self serve networks are notorious for having algorithm flaws that allow you to get significant spikes in traffic without paying higher CPCs or in some cases CPMs.


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