The Team

The MobAff Team

Alexander Tsatkin

“The Angry Russian”

Known in the affiliate circles as The Angry Russian for his no nonsense straight to the point demeanor, Alex has helped hundreds of affiliates and marketers embrace mobile as a viable traffic source for driving result driven campaigns. Alexander has been in the affiliate marketing and direct response space for over 6 years. His digital marketing experience includes SEO, PPC, PPV, Display, and Social. Focusing exclusively on mobile for the past 2 years has helped Alex develop a methodology that can help any advertiser succeed with mobile traffic.

Joshua Rodrigue
“Crazie Cajun”
Network Director

Josh has been a standout marketer in the Internet marketing space for over 4 years.  During this time he has cultivated many key relationships within the industry that allow him to bring value to any enterprise he chooses.  His background comes from information technology which helps him understand new and emerging technologies very quickly and implement them in marketing activity. He was drawn to mobile due to the constant changing landscape and technology. He got his nickname Crazie Cajun for his off the wall ideas, love for gators, and eating the entire crawfish.

Vadim Zaltsberg
“Hebrew Hammer”
Business Development

With over 5 years of business development, recruiting, and sales experience, Vadim came into the world of Internet marketing with an inclination for building long lasting, deep, and transparent business relationships.  A quick thinker and fast learner, Vadim’s charismatic personality and strong understanding of what goes into building a successful business relationship has led him to work with MobAff . Just like a hammer, Vadim is known for putting his foot down and getting things done. Just don’t ask him about Phish else you may have to take a 20 minute journey into what can only be described as the longest song ever.

Brian Evans
“Boston Beater”
Business Development

Touching every aspect of the digital media from publishing side to advertising Brian has done it all. As a 7 figure publisher Brian was able to take the skills he developed and help dozens of advertisers scale their campaigns via direct response marketing.  We’re lucky to have him join MobAff to help increase our presence and branding through a strong press and media campaign. Hailing from the mean streets of Boston Brian’s all business attitude gives way only after a few car bombs are out of the way.

Peter Kurjanowicz
“Crafty Pollack”
Account Executive

Peter’s background is in Media Buying on traditional web. With hundreds of successful buys under his belt, Peter was looking for a new challenge. He soon realized that mobile was the next logical step and joined MobAff to help train partners and affiliates on how to leverage media buying into profitable mobile campaigns. To date Peter has helped 100s of affiliate partners succeed in mobile. His nickname comes from his creative solutions to challenges, and the fact that he’s Polish.

Shant Mastikian
“Silent Assassin”
Account Manager

Shant is one of the top mobile media buyers around. His quiet and reserved exterior masks his laser focus and ability to scale campaigns with a precession that can only come from years of experience. Shant decided to join MobAff to leverage our media buying capability and team dynamics to grow to a new level. A key asset to our internal team and a vital resource for anyone working with him.

Walter Reade
“Mad Scientist”
Media Analytics Director

We call him the Mad Scientist because he’s like an alchemist of numbers. This PhD developed one of the secret sauces behind MobAff success. By dissecting incoming data and improving campaigns using post click optimization Watler has been able to take fringe offers and make them scalable in just a matter of days. As our Tracking platform continues to evolve Walter’s expertise in machine learning algorithms are going to be put to the test.

Kujtim (Tim) Ukaj
“Stockholm Syndrome”
Account Manager

Kujtim’s technical background has helped push us into new frontiers. We are now able to offer Host and Post, App Development, and a host of other solutions for our advertisers to help drive higher quality actions. A self proclaimed “toothpaste connoisseur” Tim is a bit out there, but we still can’t tell if that’s just a Sweedish thing.

Stephen Furnival
“Clever Canuck”
Technical Director

Stephen was brought in to take our basic tracking platform and build it into the enterprise mobile solution you see today. With big plans in the future Stephen has been able to build a team of coders and designers around him to continue the natural evolution of our product. Our goal is to make CPA marketing more efficient by creating a tool that can be used by affiliates, publishers, media buyers, and even ad networks to manage, deploy, and optimize their CPA campaigns from a centralized easy to use platform.


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